Best Mattresses for Back Pain 2023: Top Recommendations and Curated Reviews

Best Mattresses for Back Pain 2023: Top Recommendations and Curated Reviews
Most people think you need a stiff-as-a corpse mattress to cure your crick in the neck. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all mattress for fighting back pain. Those suffering from back pain should choose medium-firm mattresses. Such beds are tending to relieve both pain and stiffness. We have compiled a ten-item list of mattresses that fall into different price and feature categories to answer your needs.

Best Mattresses for Upper and Lower Back Pain

Best Overall Mattress for Back Pain
Poduct Details:
Trial Period:365 nights
Shipping Method:Free white glove delivery
Firmness:Multiple firmness options
Warranty:Lifetime warranty

Each Satva mattress is thoughtfully designed to deliver a pain-free night's sleep. Using special lumbar features, the back support of each sleeping unit helps keep your spinal axis in proper alignment, leading to maximum comfort for you throughout the entire product lifespan. Featuring the firmness of coil-on-coil construction and a thick layer of memory foam, this hybrid innerspring mattress is just what you've been looking for.

What makes it worth considering?

Saatva uses advanced technologies to help ease back pain. The mattress is made of memory foam for pressure relief and active wire support incorporated into the middle part, which helps maintain ideal spinal alignment. The Euro-style plush pillow top is tailored to mold itself around your body for a supporting cushion against the back, hips, and shoulders. It also minimizes back and joint pain maximizes comfort and eases distress.

Also another excellent feature of this product is that there are three firmness levels to choose from. Select the firmness that best meets your needs and taste from among plush, luxury firm, or firm.

Best Mattress for Combination Sleepers with Back Pain
Poduct Details:
Material: Hybrid
Trial Period: 100 nights
Shipping Method: Free shipping
Firmness: 6.5/10
Warranty: 10-year warranty

One of the advantages Helix Dusk offers as a hybrid mattress is that it has better temperature regulation than all-foam models due to its coils being placed below layers of foam. This hybrid design allows more airflow, creating a cooler sleeping environment. More importantly, the pressure-relieving foam and springs that make up this mattress can help relieve back pain.

The Dusk mattress can upgrade its cover to a GlacioTex Cooling Cover for extra cooling capabilities. This cover is not only hypoallergenic and soft but also very good at absorbing body heat and diffusing it in the opposite direction. Its ability to absorb body heat makes this mattress even better and more relaxed than ordinary memory foam products used on their own.

Why is the Helix Dusk on our list?

Another prominent feature of the Helix Dusk is its reinforced perimeter, which enhances edge support. Sleepers can, therefore, make full use of the surface area and experience even support from edge to edge.

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Back Pain
Poduct Details:
Material: Foam
Trial Period: 365 nights
Shipping Method: Free shipping
Firmness: 6.5/10
Warranty: Lifetime warranty

Memory foam has acquired a reputation as an effective back pain relief, suitable for side, back, and stomach sleepers. Whether you sleep lying down or on your side, back pain can be long-term and bothersome. The medium-firm feel of the nectar is intended to relieve pressure at common problem areas while maintaining correct spinal alignment in all directions. Facebook also offers a competitive price point, attractive for those searching for value.

Nectar's cover is made of polyurethane, polyester, and nylon, transferring heat from the body. On top of the cover is 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam, which helps keep this a temperature-regulating mattress and prevents overheating. Next comes a 4-inch thick, soft conventional foam and an overall body support base of six inches.

How did Nectar make our list?

One of the attractive features of Nectar is its strong base layer, which provides a firm foundation for the mattress. The bottom layer is a foundation, undulating underneath and above the other foam layers to form contours according to your body shape. It holds you up, spreads out your weight evenly across its surface area so that it doesn't bear too heavily on any one point of contact with the mattress (i.e., lumbar region), and keeps pressure points lined up correctly in order not only.

Best Luxury Mattress for Back Pain
Poduct Details:
Material: Hybrid
Trial Period: 120 nights
Shipping Method: Free shipping
Firmness: Multiple firmness options
Warranty: Lifetime warranty

Available in three levels of firmness (including a Firm model that registers at 8 out of 10 on our scale), the Nolah Evolution provides pain-free back sleepers with one last imposing sleeping surface. Nolah says the mattress's HDMax™ TriZoneTM coils give about 25 % more support than other coil systems. The name TriZone™ refers to the three sections of wave within each unit, all targeted at different parts of the back or body that need reinforcement.

In addition, the Nolah Evolution's reinforced coils around its perimeter strengthen edge support. They stop slumping at the edges so that sleepers can spread out over the whole surface of a mattress.

Why do we appreciate it?

The Evolution uses three elements that work in unison to keep sleepers from overheating: graphite-infused foam, a cooling cover, and an AirBreath™ border gusset. Furthermore, the Firm model is perfect for sleepers with back pain who seek firm support; however, other models of greater or lesser softness also exist. This means that this mattress can satisfy users' very different preferences and tastes.

Best Mattress for Heavy Sleepers with Back Pain
Poduct Details:
Material: Hybrid
Trial Period: 120 nights
Shipping Method: Free shipping
Firmness: 7.5/10
Warranty: 10-year warranty

Thicker, heavier sleepers require a firmer mattress for support. For back pain sufferers in particular, this is crucial. A supportive bed also plays a vital role in maintaining correct spinal alignment to prevent further attacks of back pain.

From Brooklyn Bedding, one of the most remarkable discoveries has to be their Titan Plus. It's a hybrid mattress that was built specifically for plus-size sleepers. Our mattress tester, Mark, noted that those coils were powerful. The supportive construction of the Titan is precisely why it can be such great help for heavier sleepers and because their backs hurt so much.

What sets it apart?

For plus-size sleepers, this mattress is designed to provide support. It uses tight integrated foams and coils, suspending body weight and keeping it from sagging in the middle or edges. The Titan Plus is further enhanced by proprietary Brooklyn Bedding materials, such as the exclusive gel memory foam called TitanFlex™.

Best Cooling Mattress for Back Pain
Poduct Details:
Material: Hybrid
Trial Period: 120 nights
Shipping Method: Free shipping
Firmness: Multiple firmness options
Warranty: Lifetime warranty

The EcoCloud is a hybrid mattress handcrafted from premium materials, including Talalay latex certified by OEKO-TEX100 (a legally binding ecolabelling system for textiles), organic cotton, and sustainable New Zealand wool. Thanks to its propriety innerspring support system consisting of 5-zoned individually wrapped coils, this mattress is the right choice for people suffering from back pain. This advanced system helps the back, keeping it straight and alleviating pressure.

Although the EcoCloud is especially suitable for side sleepers, it also adapts to other sleeping postures just as well. Its very construction provides comforting cradling and response, so it's easy to change positions. In addition, an exclusive Extra-Edge™ anti-sag support system offers stability at the edges so you can sit or sleep without worry.

Why did we appreciate it?

For their purchase, WinkBeds offers customers a lifetime warranty and an ample 120-night trial period to fully try out the bed before making a final decision. Of particular value is the zoned support offered by EcoCloud. Not only does it help prevent back pain, but the carefully placed zones also lessen pressure and reduce physical discomfort overall.

Best Hybrid Mattress for Back Pain
Poduct Details:
Material: Hybrid
Trial Period: 120 nights
Shipping Method: Free shipping
Firmness: Multiple firmness options
Warranty: Lifetime warranty

Faced with back pain, a hybrid mattress is an intelligent choice. Mixing the firmness of an innerspring bed with some cushion by way of foam, these mattresses provide both support and give. One outstanding example is the Bear Elite Hybrid (Medium version), which uses memory foam to relieve lumbar pressure, and individually wrapped coils help maintain a neutral spinal alignment while raising the hips.

With this structure, the Bear Elite Hybrid is especially effective for any back sleeper, including almost all side sleepers. Another selling point is that this mattress has zoned support, offering extra firmness or softness where it matters most.

What sets it apart?

Not only does the Medium option of Bear Elite Hybrid provide dependable support, but it also provides relief to pressure points. Moreover, the bed's Celliant® cover is created in such a way as to promote healing. It would be beneficial for those who have pain problems.

Best Cheap Mattress for Back Pain
Poduct Details:
Material: Hybrid
Trial Period: 120 nights
Shipping Method: Free shipping
Firmness: Multiple firmness options
Warranty: 10 years

Brooklyn Bedding has a full line of mattresses, and the Signature Hybrid is one of their most comfortable and affordable. More often than not, you can find a queen-size model under $1,000 (with discounts), too. In our assessment, this mattress, with its simple but effective hybrid design- mixing foam and springs--helps promote proper sleeping posture (which is essential in avoiding back pain). Please remember that the mattress firmness and performance will be tailored to the model you choose--Soft, Medium, or Firm.

Why did we select this?

And the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid is a standout choice. It strikes an excellent balance between comfort and affordability. It has many models to choose from for quality sleep at a reasonable price. Its combination of a foam surface and spring foundation fosters the proper sleeping position, which, in turn, helps prevent backache.

What Causes Back Pain?

Back pain is commonly caused by central sensitization, but it can also result from various factors such as injuries like falls or pulled muscles. Additionally, back pain can be caused by conditions like pinched nerves or degenerating discs.

Types of Back Pain

There are various kinds of back pain. While chronic lower back pain caused by central sensitization is a common type, here are a few other common types of back pain:
  • Non-specific muscle pain: Such remorse is often described as a dull pain or sense of tightness. It can be even worse if it involves movement and may come with rigidity.
  • Muscle spasms: Muscle spasms are excruciating, and they make it hard to move. The affected muscle will be hard and knotted.
  • Radicular pain: Compression or irritation of a nerve root causes radicular pain. The nerve root is a bundle of nerves that branch off the spinal cord and travel toward the body's extremities. The pain can be sharp and shooting, followed by numbness, tingling, or weakness.
  • Sciatica: Sciatica is a form of radicular pain that affects the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the longest in the body, traveling from the lower back to the legs. Sciatica may give rise to pain, numbness, and tingling in the lower back, buttocks, and legs.
Mattresses that effectively relieve chronic back pain can also help improve sleep quality. In this segment, the front-runners try to balance pressure relief and spinal alignment. This creates maximum comfort for consumers.

Saatva is now a leading contender in every category, and our best overall choice is going to the original model of this manufacturer. Two other models from the same brand also appear on this list. Ultimately, we have compiled a list of the best mattresses for different sleep styles and budgets, all aimed at eliminating back pain. Read on to find the dreamy bed of your dreams. Considering the following factors before buying a mattress for back pain would be best.

Cause Of Back Pain:

Everyone knows it's essential to sit and stand erect, but it is often forgotten when lying at night. But if your mattress doesn't provide firm support, it might worsen pre-existing back pain or cause new discomfort by throwing off the spine's alignment. As for how this occurs, it depends on where the pain is.

An overly soft mattress or one beginning to sag often triggers lower back pain. Since the lower back is much more flexible than any other part of the spine, insufficient support from a mattress will sink and cause misalignment of all parts.

But if the problem is that mattresses are not adequately balanced between cushioning and support, tailored to your usual sleeping position, you may find mid-back pain. For instance, an overly stiff mattress will not mold itself to those of a side sleeper's shoulders and hips. This pressure build-up in these areas can lead to discomfort near the mid-back region.

If the upper body, neck, and shoulders are not correctly aligned with the spine, it can cause pain in the shoulder blades. This lack of alignment is frequently due to improper height for stacked pillows, which do not correspond to a particular sleeping position.

Type Of Mattress

  • Innerspring: This conventional mattress style, which most often depends on springs as its main support system, usually provides strong general support. However, the innerspring mattress can lose shape over time and have pressure points. To avoid or prevent future back pain, you need to find a reliable brand that is known for its toughness.

  • Foam: Their main selling feature is that they are responsive, adapting themselves to the natural curve of the spine and providing support for joints. On the other hand, some people feel as if they are being overwhelmed by their memory foam mattress. Based on your body weight and the firmness of this mattress, you may find too much sinking, which aggravates back pain.
  • Hybrid: Hybrid mattresses are known for providing a judicious mix of all the necessary materials and so represent an ideal choice for people with back pain. Their top comfort layers are specially designed for pressure relief, while the underlying supportive coils promote spinal alignment. They provide a complete solution to improve users 'sleep quality.
  • Latex: Latex mattresses, which are frequently viewed as a natural replacement for memory foam, gently cradle the joints without being so soft that they sink in too far. There is still enough support to ensure lateral spinal alignment.

Sleep Position

The choice of mattresses to relieve your back problems depends mainly on your sleeping position at night.
  • Side sleepers: Since for those who mainly sleep on their sides, a good mattress should provide tender cradling of vital pressure points around the hips and shoulders while at the same time being supportive enough to keep people from sinking in too much. That would throw off the alignment between vertebrae. These sleepers in this category tend to require a medium-soft mattress on the firmness scale.
  • Back sleepers: Sleepers who prefer lying on their backs find a mattress helpful, which keeps the hips from sinking, thus allowing for appropriate curvature of the spine. A medium-firm to firm mattress provides the best support, cushioning for the upper back, and solid pressure on the abdomen.
  • Stomach sleepers: People who sleep on their stomachs should choose a firmer mattress so that the middle part does not sink into the bed, and as a result, stress in the lower back is relieved.
  • Firmness: Basically, mattresses between medium-firm and firm best suit the requirements of most back pain sufferers. They match support with comfort. However, as noted earlier, firmness is a matter of individual tastes. Generally speaking, stomach sleepers prefer a firm bed, while side sleepers choose a soft one. Back sleepers typically fare best in a mattress between the two extremes.
  • Spine Alignment: When you buy a mattress, make sure it can provide full-body support to your back and spine throughout the night. Proper spinal alignment is critical to relieving back pain because having a neutral and healthy posture can minimize pressure on your lower back. A firm mattress should have sufficient pressure-relieving material to not sink too much.
  • Durability: A mattress that gives way under your weight does not provide relief from back pain. Thus, the bed should be firm and sturdy. This is especially important for a mattress best suited to heavy-set people.

What type of mattress is best for back pain?

It's also reasonably common for back pain to strike when your mattress does not support your body correctly during the entire night, causing a misalignment of spinal vertebrae. You must find the right mattress that provides adequate support to relieve a hurting back. A leading expert in orthopedic surgery explains that when you lie flat, your back should naturally curve; on your side, the lower half of the body has to fit into a support.

Memory foam and latex mattresses are the most excellent options for alleviating back pain since they support your body like a cloud. It molds itself to fit you precisely so that it will cradle pressure points while still maintaining the overall shape of your spine. But hybrid and coil mattresses can offer similar advantages as long you choose one specially designed for body support, proper alignment of the spine, and pressure relief.

Do memory foam mattresses help with back pain?

People with back pain are often recommended memory foam mattresses. But it would be best if you still looked for a bed of firmness and density. If the mattress is too firm, it will be uncomfortable; if not soft enough, it won't provide adequate support.

A memory foam mattress may help relieve side sleepers 'back pain. The material is remarkably malleable to the body and relieves pressure points in the hips and shoulders.

5 PCF density is the minimum recommended when choosing a memory foam mattress. This will help you keep your spinal alignment in top shape. Mattresses of density 4 PCF may be slightly softer but will provide enough support for most people.

Choose a mattress with zoned support. In other words, the reliance on such points as the lower back increases. It can relieve pressure and help spinal alignment.

Choosing a memory foam mattress with the right firmness, density, and zoned support can increase your chances of eliminating back pain and sleeping well.

Latex Mattresses For Back Pain?

Latex mattresses are recommended for those with back pain that persists over a long period. Latex is more reactive than memory foam and provides better temperature regulation. Secondly, latex is a natural product and thus an environmentally friendly product. Latex mattresses are a buoyant material that reacts quickly to body movements, making it easier for an individual with pain to shift positions or get in and out of bed. In this area, they beat polyfoam beds hands down. Latex is more expensive and luxurious, but its impeccable durability means it lasts particularly long. But it's necessary to consider possible downsides. Latex mattresses can provide good pressure relief but often don't offer the same degree of contouring as memory foam. And if you like the feeling of falling into your mattress, latex is not for you.

As a result, latex mattresses are highly recommended for those suffering from back pain. Others with chronic pain need like these tend to choose them for their responsiveness, coolness, and ability to distribute pressure evenly.

Innerspring Mattresses and Back Pain Relief

Yes, innerspring mattresses can help people with back pain. In particular, orthopedic models have a comprehensive function of holding the body up, sometimes including target support areas. Most of these mattresses utilize pocket coil systems.

Innerspring mattresses are made up of numerous coils, each wrapped separately. Generally speaking, the higher the coil count, the better support. Therefore, you should look to find mattresses with 1000-20oo springs if possible. People over 400 pounds should select a bed with more than 2,00 stone or perhaps consider the size of the wire.

In brief, innerspring mattresses-particularly orthopedic models with pocket coil systems--can provide superior support for those suffering from back pain. Combined with the strategic arrangement of support zones, this wealth of coils goes a long way toward keeping your back in line and relieving pain.

Can Hybrid Mattresses Cure Backaches?

Hybrid mattresses combine the pressure-relieving quality of foam with the springs' supportive nature. They are good choices for back sufferers. Flexible foam layers mold to the body and relieve pressure points, while springs support the spinal column. This may lessen pain and enhance sleep quality.

Hybrid mattresses are flexible, so you can choose one that fits your needs. For example, you can select a foam mattress with a soft top for pressure relief or a firm-topped one for more significant support. A bed with another type of foam--for example, latex or memory foam--can also be chosen.

Hybrid mattresses, while more expensive than other types of mattresses, have many advantages. They can relieve back pain, improve sleep quality, and offer a tailored sleeping experience. A hybrid is an option if you need a mattress to rest well and relieve back pain.

Here are some additional benefits of hybrid mattresses:
  • They can help correct spinal alignment.
  • They reduce the transferred motion, which is significant if your partner rolls around a lot in their sleep.
  • They are more durable than other kinds of mattresses.

Is a firm mattress better for back pain?

Many say that a firm mattress relieves back pain, but this isn't necessarily true. The key, however, is to find a bed with sufficient support. On the other hand, an over-firm mattress presses on the shoulders and hips, which can lead to spinal misalignment. These are some of the body's most sensitive pressure points, so choosing a medium-firm mattress that provides cushioning is recommended.

Eventually, the most important thing is your comfort. So always choose a mattress brand that provides long leeway for returns after purchase--a significant advantage of buying online rather than in stores.

Are memory foam mattresses good for back pain?

The softness and support of these memory foam mattresses make them highly recommended for treating back pain. However, firmness makes a big difference in whichever bed you buy. If you pick this route, find one utilizing high-density premium memory foam designed to provide ample support. However, what needs to be pointed out is that many cheap memory foam mattresses are too soft and might cause bad spinal alignment. This can result in more incredible back pain or joint aches.

The impact of back pain on sleep How does it affect men?

Back pain can affect Your sleep in many ways, including giving rise to pressure point discomfort or restricting free motion. Here are some ways in which back pain can affect your sleep:
  • Difficulty Falling Asleep and Frequent Waking: If you suffer from back pain, getting into a comfortable position or even falling soundly asleep can be challenging. Further, your curved back may become more distressed due to sitting or sleeping parts and the materials of one's bedding, which will keep you awake at night.
  • Sleep Deprivation: Sleep is essential to your body's healing process. But, if you can't sleep or don't get a good night of deep restorative recovery, your brain needs to function correctly the next day. This can lead to severe limitations on both physical and cognitive capabilities, not for a day or so but over the long run.
  • Disruption from Pain Treatments: Most people take pain medications to relieve their discomfort. These drugs can help you fall asleep but may also affect your natural sleep cycle. Usually, we have most of our slow-wave deep sleep in the first half of the night. In the second half, REM (rapid eye movement)sleep takes over--the stage associated with dreaming. Some pain medications can disrupt this balance. For instance, opioid medications could cause breathing problems during sleep, while antidepressants may increase the risk of restless legs syndrome. Therefore, even if you sleep eight full hours in a row, you can still wake up without any more rest or refreshment than when you went to bed.
Mainly, back pain can disturb your sleep rhythms and cause an inability to fall asleep or premature awakening due to ongoing sleeplessness. But to get better sleep, you need, first of all, to deal with and control your back pain.

Tips for Altering Your Lifestyle to Sleep Better With Chronic Pain

As this guide ends, we would like to offer some lifestyle tips and techniques for sleeping with chronic pain. These recommendations go further than just your choice of mattress. While medication and surgery are often part of the solution, improving your overall well-being centers around three key principles: nutrition, sleep, and movement.
  • Nutrition: Studies have shown that eating a balanced diet can lead to better sleep, decreasing stress and pain. The first step is to reduce caffeine and sugar consumption because both can affect sleep patterns. It turns out that modifying your diet to eat for better sleep can help with managing chronic pain.
  • Sleep: As pointed out above, sleep is essential for pain sufferers. Proper rest and recovery are vital for stress management. This means setting aside enough time to sleep each night. Establishing a fixed bedtime and creating an evening ritual can establish better sleeping patterns and increase the quality of sleep.
  • Movement: Another key aspect of coping with chronic pain is integrating regular exercise into one's lifestyle. Mobility and spinal alignment can be improved with low-impact exercises to reduce pain. Regular physical activity has also been linked to better quality of sleep. Finding an exercise regime that suits your individual needs and capabilities can play a big part in the quality of overall sleep.
With these lifestyle changes, you will be better able to sleep and manage pain. But remember that attaining a pain-free state means taking an overall approach that includes nutrition, sleep, and movement.


- Can a pillow hеlp allеviatе back pain?
Yеs, a pillow can hеlp allеviatе back pain. A supportivе pillow can providе bеttеr alignmеnt and support for thе nеck and shouldеrs whеn pairеd with a suitablе mattrеss. This can help to rеducе strеss on thе back and improvе slееp quality.

- Arе firm or softеr bеds bеttеr for back pain?
Thе bеst mattrеss firmnеss for back pain dеpеnds on thе individual. Somе pеoplе find that a firm mattrеss providеs thе bеst support, whilе othеrs prеfеr a softеr mattrеss with morе prеssurе rеliеf. It is important to еxpеrimеnt with diffеrеnt firmnеssеs to find thе onе that is most comfortablе and providеs thе most rеliеf.

- What's thе bеst slееping position for lowеr back pain?
Thе rеcommеndеd slееp position for lowеr back pain is back slееping. This position hеlps to kееp thе spinе in alignmеnt and rеducеs prеssurе on thе back. If you arе not usеd to slееping on your back, you may nееd a pillow undеr your knееs to makе it morе comfortablе.

- What's thе bеst slееping position for uppеr back pain?
Thе bеst slееping position for uppеr back pain is sidе slееping. This position hеlps kееp thе spinе alignеd and rеducеs prеssurе on thе uppеr back. You may nееd a pillow bеtwееn your knееs or undеr your arm to makе it morе comfortablе.

- What type of mattrеss is best for back pain?
There is no onе-sizе-fits-all answer to this question. Thе bеst mattrеss for back pain dеpеnds on thе individual's body typе, slееping position, and prеfеrrеd firmnеss. Somе pеoplе find that mеmory foam mattrеssеs providе thе bеst rеliеf, whilе othеrs prеfеr innеrspring mattrеssеs. It is еssеntial to try out different mattrеssеs to find thе onе that is most comfortablе and providеs thе most comfort.

- Can a firm mattrеss cause lower back pain?
Thе impact of a firm mattrеss on lowеr back pain dеpеnds on thе individual's slееping position. Sidе slееpеrs typically find that a firm mattrеss еxacеrbatеs thеir lowеr back pain and prеfеr softеr bеds. On the other hand, stomach slееpеrs may find that a firm mattrеss hеlps allеviatе their back pain by providing еxtra support and promoting nеutral spinal alignmеnt.

- Is a mеmory foam mattrеss good for back pain?
Mеmory foam mattrеssеs can be beneficial for back pain. Thеir slow rеsponsе to prеssurе allows for contouring around thе shouldеrs and hips, rеliеving tеnsion in thеsе arеas and rеliеving thе uppеr and lowеr back. Howеvеr, not all mеmory foam mattrеssеs arе crеatеd еqual, and somе may bе too firm or soft for pеoplе with back pain. Trying out diffеrеnt mеmory foam mattrеssеs is еssеntial to find one that is comfortable and providеs thе most rеliеf.

- How do I choose the right mattrеss for back pain?
To choosе the right mattrеss for back pain, consider your body type, slееping position, and prеfеrrеd firmnеss. You may also want to consider other factors, such as thе matеrials usеd in thе mattrеss and thе warranty offеrеd. It is a good idea to try out different mattrеssеs before purchasing.

- How do I know if my mattrеss is causing my back pain?
If your back pain occurs or worsеns after slееping on your mattrеss, it indicates that it may be contributing to this problem. Rеstlеssnеss during thе night can also suggеst that your bеd is unsuitablе for your back. Pay attention to your comfort lеvеl as wеll. If your bеd fееls saggy or lacks support, it likely еxacеrbatеs your back pain.